Rental of Facilities

Business Services
Applications and full payment
must be received by the Facilities Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event.

Beginning July 1, 2018 - Only new Facility Use Request Forms will be accepted

The Pueblo City School’s Board of Education makes certain facilities available for community use after regular school program. Fees are charged to recover the cost of extra use of the District’s facilities.

Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 7am until 4pm.
Steps for Renting a District Facility
  1. Read and be familiar with the regulations and guidelines for renting a Pueblo City Schools Facility.
  2. Check with school to verify availability of facilities.
  3. Submit a Facility Use Application to the school.
  4. The school will validate availability and forward request to the facilities management office.
  5. Facilities management will apply the appropriate fees, coordinate services, and confirm arrangements via e-mail confirmation and/or phone.
  6. Pay appropriate fees and provide insurance documentation no less than two weeks prior to the rental date.
Your request is only final when the above steps are complete:
  • Current insurance is in place showing Pueblo City Schools as insured (hard copy on file in Facilities Office)
  • Schedule is approved and active
  • Payment has been received in Facilities Office