Prior Awarded Bids

Business Services

Awarded:   Bimbo Bakeries USA
RFQ 18-08 Educational Facility Planning & Specification Services
Awarded:  MOA Architecture
17-02  D/B Pool Boiler Replacement - Central HS 
Awarded:   Flow Right PHI
Awarded: Corwin IMS - Central States Roofing
17-03 Chromebook Computers
Awarded: DHE Computer Systems Inc.
Awarded: Heroes Academy - Drury Brothers Roofing

17-04  Goodnight School Roofing
Awarded:  Colorado Front Range Roofing
ITB 18-11 Centennial Paving
Awarded:  Martin Marietta Materials
17-05  Heritage School Roofing
Awarded:  Colorado Front Range Roofing
RFQ 18-12  Chromebooks 2018
Awarded:  SDF Professional 

RFP 17-06 D/B RTU Replacement - Morton ES
Awarded: Flow Right PHI
RFQ 18-13  Projectors 2018
Awarded:  CCS
RFP 17-07 D/B RTU Replacement - Franklin ES
Awarded:  Johnson Controls
Awarded:  Rocky Mountain SER
RFQ 17-08 Desktop Computers
Awarded: Riverside Technologies
18-15  D/B Cooling Tower Replacement - ASC
Awarded: Murphy Company
RFQ 17-09 Teacher/Staff Laptop Computers
Awarded: CDW-G
18-16  D/B Electrical Panel Replacement - Carlile
RFP 17-10  Electrical Panel Replacement - Belmont
Awarded:  Pueblo Electrics
 ITB 18-17  Carpet Replacement - Fountain IMS
Awarded: Empire Today                            
RFP 17-11  Auditorium/Stage Lighting Replacement - East/Central 
Awarded:  Morton Electric
18-18  D/B Auditorium/Stage Lighting - South HS
Awarded: Morton Electric
Awarded:  Student Transportation of America
18-19  D/B Parent Drive Loop - Goodnight
Awarded: Martin Marietta Materials              
Awarded:  The Murphy Company
Awarded:  Fountain - All Star Roofing, PAA - no award       
ITB 18-03 Boiler Replacement - South
Awarded:  Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning Services
18-21 Corwin Int'l Magnet School Playground
Awarded:  South-Side Lawn & Landscape   
RFP 18-04  LAN Edge Switches
Awarded:  Zunesis Inc.     
18-22  K-8 Comprehensive Mathematics Professional Development
Awarded:  2Partner Mathematics Consulting
RFP 18-05  Wireless LAN 
Awarded:  Zunesis Inc.
19-01  Request for Qualifications - Small Job Order Contracting for Pueblo City Schools
Firms Chosen:  Arc Valley Construction, Martin Marietta Materials, Murphy Company, Flow Right PHI, Latcon, Morton Electric, Colo Front Range Roofing, Corsentino Construction, Pueblo Electrics, Torres-Garcia Excavation, BAHA Construction, SS Concrete
RFP 18-06  Pool Renovation at Central High School
Awarded:  Mid-America Pool Renovation Inc.
19-02  Financial Advisory Services
Awarded:  George K Baum & Company
 RFP 18-07  Bleacher Replacement at Centennial High School
Awarded:  BROC, LLC